Adam Monroe Music Wurlitzer

Adam Monroe Music Wurlitzer v2.5 | AAX AU VST | macOS | 6.16 GB
Adam Monroe's Wurlitzer is a VST, AU, and AAX plugin sample library for Windows and OS X. Sampled from a 1970's Wurlitzer 200A, this plugin reproduces the sound of a vintage electronic piano. Features include Speaker and Amp samples, 10 velocity layers, 3 note round-robin, and built-in distortion, tremolo, and reverb.

The new version v2.5 of the plugin includes the following improvements:
- Amplifier sims based on SPICE Vacuum tube simulations.
- Reverb and Cabinet Impulse Responses.
- A Leslie Simulation.
- 25 more Presets, for a total of 95.
- A second GUI Tab with individual controls for Tremolo, Reverb, Delay, Cabinet, Phaser, and the Amplifier Sims.
- A Velocity Curve Knob.
- A Switch to either dampen or let ring the highest five notes.
- Knobs to control Panning of the DI and AMP signals.
- A Noise-Suppression Switch (effects AMP signal).

The plugin has also been updated to support macOS Big Sur and arm64 processors.
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Adam Monroe Music Wurlitzer v2.5 AAX
Adam Monroe Music Wurlitzer v2.5 AU
Adam Monroe Music Wurlitzer v2.5 VST